Notion: Product Development for Business

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(for Product Development for Business)

Boost your business's product development process with our Notion template. Seamlessly integrate Kanban boards for task management, PRD pages for detailed product research and development, and comparison tables to evaluate and differentiate between each product. Enhance collaboration and streamline the product development journey for optimal results.

🔑Key Components🔑

  1. Kanban Board🗓️
    • Visualize your product development pipeline with our intuitive Kanban board.
    • Easily track the progress of tasks from ideation to completion, ensuring transparency and accountability at every stage.
  1. Product Economics💲
    • Make data-driven decisions about your product investments.
    • Analyze the economics of your products, such as cost analysis, pricing strategies, and revenue projections, helping you maximize profitability and ROI.
  1. Product Features🧪
    • Capture and prioritize product features with ease.
    • Brainstorm ideas, define requirements, and track the status of each feature, empowering your team to deliver high-quality products that meet customer needs.


  • ⭐Streamlined Workflow: Say goodbye to disjointed processes and hello to seamless collaboration. Our template streamlines the product development workflow, allowing your team to work together more efficiently and effectively.
  • ⭐Improved Communication: With a centralized platform for product development, everyone stays on the same page, reducing misunderstandings and ensuring everyone is working towards common goals.
  • ⭐Accelerated Innovation: Providing a structured framework for product development, our template encourages brainstorming, experimentation, and iteration, empowering your team to create groundbreaking products that set you apart from the competition.
  • ⭐Data-Driven Decision-Making: Provides valuable insights into the economics of your products, helping you allocate resources more effectively and prioritize initiatives that have the greatest potential for success.

📈Get Started📈

Say hello to efficiency and innovation with our comprehensive Notion Product Development Template. Duplicate this Notion template, customize it to fit your specific requirements, and empower your team to work smarter, not harder.

🔥 Not Feeling Enough?

We have the Notion Product Business Expert Pack in Full Template, for those of you who are willing to buy the templates for your team and company in a more integrated app.

  1. Team Task, Project Management
  2. Social Media Content for Team
  3. Endorsement & Influencer Marketing
  4. Finance & Supply Chain Operation
  5. Team & Human Resource
  6. Product & Commerce
  7. Company Knowledges
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(Full Version for Product Business)

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Notion: Product Development for Business

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